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"Simple but imaginative solutions to engineering solutions"

We are a sheet metal fabrication company, located in High
Wycombe. For over twenty years we have been dedicated to sheet
metal work, and our customers range from the film and music
industry to the Ministry of Defence. Our products are unknowingly
also used by industries in Aerospace, medical, marine, refrigeration, MOD security, agricultural, music/radio, lighting, film and television.

To the right is a C10 Broadcast Music Console, designed by one of our music industries and manufactured by us. Niall Feldman – Marketing Development Manager says “Since 1969, we have won many awards for powerful and innovative proprietary technology and design. Auriga SB, as a major supplier, have designed and produced quality components on time and contributed significantly to our overall success”.

To the right are two machines which evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and components using tension, compression, flexure, fatigue, impact, torsion and hardness tests.These machines are used in such cases of testing out F1 car stability, by putting the components through thousands of tests to make sure it can withstand the stresses and strains of everyday use.

To the bottom right is a meat counter which are homed in many supermarket stores across the UK.

If you are a manufacturer of electro-mechanical or electronic products and require CAD/CAM prototypes or batch production of quality complex sheet metal parts, then look no further than
Auriga SB Ltd.

We can offer:
• All advice and support necessary to ensure that a job is prepared    within price, quality and service parameters
• The electronic transfer of drawings and support documentation
• Personal contact with a craftsman from a very early stage in the    production cycle
• A totally flexible approach to manufacturing
• An inspection sheet to prove drawing against a computer generated    DXF file and less time wasting meetings to discuss ‘technical    problems'

• After production or prototyping, we have many finishes from    powder-coating, plating and silk-screening or if needed, we can    do assembling work so you have the complete product ready for use

Please feel free to call us on 01494 898 400.